About Youthshift International


Youthshift International is an independent charitable organisation (Company limited by guarantee – 07957889) that seek to build an embracing community in which youths and young people can thrive and contribute towards building strong families, safer communities and healthier society for all. Youthshift International is a collaborative national/international organisation, working cooperatively and in the spirit of partnership with other national and international agencies/organisations with whom we share objectives and where this may result in improved outcome.


Youthshift International helps young people to develop their full potential through mentoring in order to help them stay away from the risks of gun and knife crime, drugs, exclusion from school and truancy.


Youthshift International also supports young offenders, ex prisoners and their families by offering practical, social, recreational and spiritual support within prison, through the gates and out in the community.


Teenage years are a critical period of growth and change. It is an important period for making significant life choices. Youthshift International offers a diversity of personal development opportunities to enable young people to make progress in life.


Our commitment is to encourage young people to make informed choices in life, promote social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and re-assert a sense of hope in the future.


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