Peter Unadike Speaking at the launch of the Youthshift International Community Chaplaincy Project

July 19, 2011

Peter Unadike (Director and General Co-ordinator of YouthShift International) explains how Youthshift International as an organisation seek to harness the extensive human, material and financial resources that are available within the faith communities to support young and adult offenders who are seeking to make a new start after leaving the prison. He talks about working with offenders of all faiths and none.


He also talked about how Youthshift programmes are a step by step process that help people identify what it is they really want, what's preventing them from getting it and how to break through any barriers to take action to start a new life and change their lives forever. He said that the Youthshift counselling, coaching and mentoring strategies will empower people with the training, focus and accountability they need to achieve the results they demand, desire and deserve to become successful in life.


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Kevin Armstrong speaking at the launch of Youthshift Community Chaplaincy Project in 2011


July 19, 2011


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